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Re: Using a real mirroring tool...


> Charles Wilson wrote:
>> A few notes:
>> ...
>> rsync can't merge.
> Yes, but Michael A. Chases can! I allowed myself to add a 
> new option to, it exports the list of missing files to a 
> file. Then you can use wget to get all the missing files.
> I attached the modified plus a shell scrip to get the 
> missing files from a mirror. You have to modify the to 
> choose your mirror and your target download directory. The directory and 
> both files must exist the same directory as your setup.exe. Just a quick 
> hack, I guarantee nothing!

Use the attached instead, some options for wget were not 
correct, they left directory listing files.


# Mirror script for cygwin
# Uses Michael A. Chase ""
# in a modified version (V1.0303)
# and wget

# and must reside in the same directory
# as setup.exe

# Files to download
# Choose your mirror with directory of setup.ini
# Cut directories                   1        2       3
# Cut directories             1       2                  3
# Name your download directory

wget -r -N --no-host-directories --cut-dirs=$cutdir --passive-ftp -P $mirrordir ${mirror}setup.ini
./ -writelist
wget -r -N --no-host-directories --cut-dirs=$cutdir --passive-ftp -P $mirrordir -i $filelist -B $mirror
./ -Arch -Setup

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