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Cygrunsrv and backups

Hello cygwiners!

First many thanks for a great product, its getting greater with each
release. Contrary to some people on this list I have had no problems with
it. in fact, I have just finished installing it on a production server (nt
4.0) and two workstations (w2k and XP) without any problems whatsoever;
setup.exe is brilliant. Also, huge thanks for the person that put in the
script that configures TeX, I was just about to start reading the howto's

Now, for my problem: I need to start backing up data using cygwin. I did a
search on the web but there are no obvious docs about it. Can someone point
me to:

- docs (or posts) talking about setting up cron and ssh as a service, or
describing cygrunsrv with different services. I have found a brilliant howto
Inetd, is there something like that for these other services?
- docs (or posts) talking about backing up data using cygwin: how do you
rewind the tape,
Append data, etc.

If none or some of it is not possible please let me know.

Thanks for your time!


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