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Re: Cygwin + XEmacs: shell command execution delay


I don't have an answer for you, but I noticed something similar, perhaps of 
the same origin, when I tried using Cygwin Perl with Win32 (non-Cygwin) 
Apache (in order to run the CVSweb CGI script).

This delay was not a one-time thing and it occurred when there was already 
another Cygwin process running (namely, BASH in a console window). The 
Windows Task Manager did not show high CPU usage during this delay.

By using ActiveState Perl the startup from Apache was always prompt.

I have not problem with using ActiveState Perl for my CVSweb, but I am 
curious what causes the start-up delay.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA US

At 12:26 2002-04-25, Igor Akkerman wrote:
>Why does the execution of a shell command out of XEmacs start more than 5 
>seconds delayed after the call?
>I'm using Win98 SE, CygWin and XEmacs for CygWin (current versions). 
>Everything works fine, only the execution of a shell command out of XEmacs 
>starts more than 5 seconds delayed.
>Within this delay the whole system is halted completely. The mouse pointer 
>is freezed and the hard disk is NOT busy.
>This is very annoying, especially when compiling a program. Does anybody 
>know how to fix it?

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