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Re: Getting Cygwin into a corporation..

just out of curosity what kinda of account rights does your login give
you right now? admin or just a user
if you login as an admin nothing is stopping you from loading 3rd
party app right now that would do dhcp because you have the right to
via the admin login.

cause i belive if you log in as a user and cygwin setup useing ntsec
and the perms on the dir is set correct a user would not be able to
install apps into cygwin. Because they dont have write access to dirs
that a installer would need.

people help me out here......

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From: "Michael F. March" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 11:01 AM
Subject: Getting Cygwin into a corporation..

> In the company I work for they have outlawed all Unix
> variants (Linux, Solaris, OSX) from certain networks. I
> asked why Cygwin could not be installed and here is
> some of the response I got back:
> > Cygwin, in itself, is typically a harmless application.
> > However, once installed, it does allow a user to invalidate
> > the NT Security architecture; a user can then install cygwin
> > ports without the NT administrators consent (including, of
> > course, the cygwin DHCP port).
> How should I respond to this?
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