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Re: Cygwin newbie needs help

News from XEmacs land:

1) there are two "windows" ports of XEmacs: a fully native port, and a 
cygwin port.

2) Both of these ports use so-called "native windowing": that is, they 
use MSWindows GDI calls to paint their display.  Neither port uses X; 
they cannot be redirected (graphically) thru the network to display 

3) If you want that capability, you can only do so with the cygwin build 
-- but you'll have to build it yourself.  Also, the 
cygwin-with-X-windowing build has not been widely used (or tested).  It 
may have suffered bitrot.

4) I *believe* that both the native port and the cygwin port support the 
'-nw' flag, which allows you to use XEmacs in a tty.  Therefore, it is 
probably possible, with the prebuilt native or cygwin versions of 
xemacs, to ssh in to your windows box, and use 'xemacs -nw' to edit 
files.  (Of course, you need a working cygwin ssh daemon running on your 
windows box, but that's a whole 'nother topic.)


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