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setup local installation problem

Somewhere deep in my directory tree I have a directory
fcygwin which contains a setup.exe, setup.ini and directories contrib,
latest, and release. Due to low bandwidth I had to download the files within
these directories in many passes. I have a partial installation of the
cygwin tools in c:\cygwin.

If  I try to add the src-files to my installation by means of setup.exe
version with the option 'Install from Local Directory' this
fails. As an example the Bin of the binutils are already installed and I
want to install the Src now. When setup tries to install
binutils-20011002-1-src a message box pops-up: "Can't open (null) for
readung: no such file". However binutils-20011002-1-src.tar.bz2 is located
in the directory release\binutils. Unfortunately the log file does not give
an additional clue for the cause of this problem. What is the reason for

Additional comment:
The setup program is puzzling anyway:
1st I chose 'Install from Local Directory'.
2nd I am asked 'where  you want to install Cygwin', I chose c:\cygwin.
3rd - in the 'Select Local Package Directory' tab I am asked to select a
directory 'where you want to store the installation files it downloads'.
This is missleading - I guess setup wants to know the local directory in
which the downloaded packages are stored.

Regards, Frank.

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