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Re: Bug in setup.exe

> > First, "Download from Internet".

That should have read First, "Install from Internet"  The following
paragraph(s) should then make more sense.

> > Assuming there's already a cygwin installation present, setup should
> > examine all packages installed and compare their versions with the
> > latest setup.ini files from the mirrors (downloading these first if
> > necessary).  Any installed packages with higher current versions
> > available should be set to be upgraded by default.  Dependencies
> > must be checked, and any other necessary packages should be
> > upgraded as necessary.  Other packages should be placed in the 'keep'
> > state.
> "Download from Internet" shouldn't care in the least whether there is a
> Cygwin installation present or not.  It should only care about the files in
> the local directory tree. 

That was my original view - but it didn't seem to be the view of those who
responded to earlier posts.  There is an argument that you don't want
to be given, by default, downloads of all the packages you chose not to
install.  So now I'd like that as an option - either respect my current
install, or ignore it.

> Currently, if you install a file, it will then realize that version is
> present and not default to downloading it again.  If you don't install, the
> chooser doesn't know about the version you downloaded so it will keep
> downloading it until it is installed.

Exactly.  The main argument now seems to be whether this was intended
functionality, and if so, why.

-- Cliff

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