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Re: How to install customised version of cygwin

Hi Robert

Thanks for your reply. However, I do not want to compile from source -
there is no need for that. All I would like to do is include XFree86,
Tk800.23.1 and Tk:Filedialog in my cygwin distribution, plus a few perl
utilities I wrote myself. 

At present this involves several steps: 

1. Using setup.exe to install cygwin;
2. Downloading XFree86, unzipping extract.exe and running the script;
3. Downloading Tk800.23.1, then running perl Makefile.PL, make, make
test and make install; 
4. Copying over the perl utilities I have from my source location to

I would like to reduce the above steps to a single-step installation. So
I thought that, if I run through all steps (1 to 4) on my machine, then
zip up everything under C:\cygwin into one large file, I may
be able to run a script that installs on another computer.
However, this involves knowing what setup.exe does in terms of making
mounts, executing the mkpasswd and mkgroup commands etc. and placing the
necessary dlls in the right places. This is really what I am after.

Would you or anyone else be able to help with this? Any help will be
greatly appreciated. 



Robert Collins wrote:
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: hugo []
> > setup.exe script: I cannot customize it as it is binary code.
> On this page ( the location of the source
> is documented.
> Rob
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