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Re: Why did you guys break EVERYTHING...

>>Also, the semantics and output of "which", "ls", and "cp" 
>>have changed too in my opinion, not the least of which is the 
>>fau root directory and all the cygnus stuff being in 
>>"/usr/local/bin" which is not a real directory on my machine. 
> The cygnus stuff goes into c:\cygwin\bin aka /usr/bin, not
> /usr/local/bin. Are you sure you installed Cygwin via setup.exe, not
> from some other site?

I'm curious to know exactly how OLD is the version of cygwin that 
"worked" for you, Barry?  I mean, the 'mount' convention has been around 
since StoneHenge or longer -- that is, using a mount table to create a 
mapping between multi-rooted windows paths (A:\this, C:\that) and a 
single-rooted unixlike path structure (/ == root, but /cygdrive/a/this = 
A:\this, etc.  Note that /cygdrive/X/ = X:\ is handled automagically by 
cygwin -- and the old mechanism (//X/ = X:\) doesn't work anymore 
because it's too similar to the way you access remote windows shares 
(//computer/share/file  :  what if you have a computer named 'X'?)

> As for the tools, by and large they all support d:\foo syntax as well -
> but remember, if you run them within bash, the \ becomes an escape
> character, so you need d:\\foo for the tool to see the backslash.

Although those programs that use ':' as a delimiter in their filespec 
arguments may be a little confused -- but most of the tools I am talking 
about are fairly new compared to stonehenge, so I doubt they 'broke' on 
your system; your ancient installation just didn't HAVE an scp program...

scp A:\\boblocal remotecomp:fred

scp MAY be confused by this:
   1) copy file /boblocal on computer 'A' to file ~/fred on computer 
'remotecomp'?  scp can't do 3rd party transfers.
   2) copy local file boblocal on local disk A:\ to file ~/fred on 
computer remotecomp?  Sure, no problem...

I'm not sure which interpretation scp will use.

Oh -- and one more tip:  In windows (cmd.exe/, etc) the 
following is a perfectly valid pathspec:
I've gotten into the habit of always using forward slashes -- in both and in bash, so I don't have to worry about the 'oh yeah in 
bash you need to double up the backslashes' problem.


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