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Re: lpr problem (was: Re: FW: Can you offer enscript.cfg file for cygwin?)

> I have also problems with printing through lpr.  Unfortunately I
> couldn't figure out how to set it up correct yet.
> There are some threads in the archives about printing without lpr,
> maybe there are some hints?

See my message posted a few minutes ago.

Currently, lpr.exe from the cygutils package is not documented (at all), 
and it expects printer shares to be specified using backslash notation:


of course, since those are backslashes, they have to be escaped:


and what's odd, is that sometimes they must be escaped twice


because two shells parse it.  It would be nice (tm) if someone wanted to 
contribute a man page, and perhaps some code to allow

a) specifying printer names with forward slashes (autodetect and 
automatically convert to backslashes before GetHandle'ing the printer)

b) figure out (and document) how to use local mount names (e.g. instead 
of \\bob\bigprinter, I've used the Add Printer Wizard and have added 
this remote printer to my local printer list as "My Friend Bob's Big 
Fancy Printer".

c) access to lpt1, lpt2, etc (although prn: seems to work already)

All together now....patches gratefully accepted.


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