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Re: Bug in setup.exe


I was about to send in a similar report yesterday evening.

I think to generalize, the current Setup.exe offers to download based on 
which packages are currently installed, not on which packages are present 
in the local download area(s).

I say this because even though I have a full set of packages in my download 
area, including all source packages, I only routinely install the binary 
counterparts. When I run Setup.exe for download, it lists "n/a" for all the 
installed binary packages but presents a (blank / unchecked) check-box in 
all the source code positions.

I don't know about you, Alan, but I still have the vast preponderance of 
packages (488 package archive files) are in the old "latest" and "contrib" 
directories and only the few from the past week or so (22) in the new, 
mirror-separated directories.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 10:41 2002-04-19, Alan Hourihane wrote:
>I'm wondering if I've found a bug in setup.exe.
>I'm using and when I go through "Download from Internet" and 
>download the "new" components. It downloads them fine.
>Next, I re-run setup.exe and I go through "Download from Internet" again, 
>(but this was by accident) and it says that the same files are ready to be 
>downloaded and proceeds to re-download them all again.
>If I "Install from Local Directory" first it clears the problem.

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