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Re: FW: Can you offer enscript.cfg file for cygwin?

Like Xiangjiang, I am also stumped on how to configure the Cygwin 'lpr'
so that it can be used by enscript.  I searched the archives but didn't
succeed in finding anything that seemed to help.

Here are the messages I get:

lpr: can't open 'prn' for writing
lpr: The printer name is invalid.

If it helps any, the printer I want to use is on the network but
associated with lpt1 through an NT login script.  It is able to print
either PCL or PS.


"Gerrit P. Haase" wrote:
> Hallo Xiangjiang,
> > It is better, though I still could not make it print out
> >  anything
> Enscript uses 'lpr' from the cygutils package for printing
> to PRN.
> Printing under Cygwin was discussed a lot of times on this
> list and there is a really good reason why 'lpr' is in the
> cygutils package included.
> Please search the archives, I'm sorry that I cannot tell you
> some more right now, I will have to search the archives too
> before I know why you cannot print;)
> Gerrit
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