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RE: Setup's download directory structure

At 02:34 PM 4/17/2002, Lynn Wilson wrote:
>I'm unhappy with the new structure as well.  I also wrote a perl script
>(similar to that plows through the download and removes
>earlier copies of things in order to save disk space.
>That is the ONLY reason I'm unhappy with the new structure.
>I'd be REALLY happy if setup.exe had a option that would remove earlier
>copies of files in whatever directory structure happens to exist.

Understood.  In the larger scheme of things, I think this qualifies as a 'me
too', so hopefully we can quell the flow of similar such messages by simply
stating that this sentiment is now 'registered' with the list and saved in 
the email archive.  I believe there are 'big plans' for setup moving forward
and it would surprise me if keeping the download directory tidy is not one of
them.  However, I will state what's probably obvious to everyone by now - 
patches are welcome! :-)

Larry Hall                    
RFK Partners, Inc.            
838 Washington Street                   (508) 893-9779 - RFK Office
Holliston, MA 01746                     (508) 893-9889 - FAX

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