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Re: An deeper and not before asked question about setup.exe

Michael A Chase <> wrote:
> There's a newer version of at
> that deals with the new
> directory structure.  It will also, optionally, flatten it for you.

Thanks, it's a very useful tool, but version 1.02 already does everything I
need. (But I did have to remove lc, which was lowercasing the word STABLE in
squid versions, and so causing to complain that it could not find
squid...stable..., and that squid...STABLE... was not in setup.ini)

I'm really gently suggesting that we shouldn't need to have a script to merge
the mirror directories, because (as I understand it) they serve no purpose.


> > I need to maintain my local package directory to remove old
> > versions. Having the packages scattered between mirror directories
> > is unhelpful. Therefore, I use a modified version of the
> > that was posted here a while ago. I do not
> > understand, and could not find in the archives, a reason for using
> > these directories at all. If there is a reason, then sorry for the
> > list noise, if not, I would suggest the folder layout be
> > reconsidered.
> > Max.

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