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Re: An deeper and not before asked question about setup.exe

> >My question is this: _Why_ is it necessary to create mirror-named directories
> >allow the downloading from multiple mirrors?
> >I have no doubt it was done for a reason, but I would very much like to know
> >that reason.

> If you're interested in discussing the design of setup in this area, you
> should review the email list archives.  This particular issue has been
> discussed at least in passing.
I searched, but did not find.

> Please don't take this the wrong way but why do you care?
No, that's ok. Here is why:

I need to maintain my local package directory to remove old versions. Having the
packages scattered between mirror directories is unhelpful. Therefore, I use a
modified version of the that was posted here a while ago. I do
not understand, and could not find in the archives, a reason for using these
directories at all. If there is a reason, then sorry for the list noise, if not,
I would suggest the folder layout be reconsidered.


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