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New 'release' directory - was Re: Reversion to earlier behaviour

At 04:49 AM 4/16/2002, wrote:
>Strange (but nice). Every so often I do a clean install from scratch. I did
>it today when the installation directories contrib/ + latest/ became

Yep.  That's the result of directory reorganization that was discussed on 
the cygwin-apps list just yesterday.  Check the email list archives if you're
interested in the details.

>Ages ago all customisations incl. aliases etc were read from my
>~/.bash_profile. Then the bash version changed and I had to export SHELL=,
>and define all aliases, in ~/.bashrc. After today's new installation I find
>things are back to the former architecture: everything picked up from
>~/.bash_profile. Strange (nothing significant in the provision seems to have
>altered since yesterday). Nice (simple, elegant). But correct? expected?

I'm not sure why the behavior would've changed for you, all other things 
being equal.  The bash man page clearly states that `/.bash_profile, along
with other script files, will be automatically executed for any login shell.
If this is how things work for you now and your method of invoking bash has
not changed, then the previous behavior you were seeing was wrong.  I can't
say whether this problem was due to some problem in your environment 
(probably) or some bug that your installation tickled (possible).

As for exporting 'SHELL', this has been discussed ad-nauseam on this list.
I guess if you're really interested in understanding this change, you'll 
review the bash announcements from Chet Ramey.  He clearly enumerated the 
changes in the last bash release with respect to the list of exported 

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