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Re: An deeper and not before asked question about setup.exe

At 05:46 AM 4/16/2002, Max Bowsher wrote:
>First, I've read this thread, and others:
> > Yes, it is! :) This topic was covered multiple times on the mailing
> > list already, see this thread from 4 April:
> > Question on the new behavior of setup.exe
>In it, it says: This is done to allow fetching from multiple mirrors.
>My question is this: _Why_ is it necessary to create mirror-named directories to
>allow the downloading from multiple mirrors?
>I have no doubt it was done for a reason, but I would very much like to know
>that reason.

Please don't take this the wrong way but why do you care?  Is there a problem
with the implementation that makes it not work for you?  If so, please be 
specific about your problems and feel free to submit patches which fix it and
help us understand your issue.

If you're interested in discussing the design of setup in this area, you 
should review the email list archives.  This particular issue has been 
discussed at least in passing.   But I'd venture a guess that unless the 
current implementation is buggy and can't be fixed with reasonable effort,
not allot of redesign will go on into this area.  But perhaps I'm getting 
ahead of your intentions.  Maybe it's best that you state them.

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