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Re: Control-O hangs rxvt

On Monday 15 Apr 02, Christopher Glaeser writes:
> > > Control-O in emacs via a telnet session hangs rxvt.  Is there a way to
> remap
> > > Control-O so that it can be used in emacs to insert a new line?  If
> is
> > > there a way to un-hang rxvt after using Contorl-O?
> >
> > I don't have any problem using C-o in emacs in rxvt.  You'll have to
> > solve the problem yourself or provide a lot more detail than what you
> > supplied here.
> Thanks for responding.  I assumed this was a common problem because I got
> quite a few hits on google regarding ^o and rxvt.  Unfortunately, I
> found any solutions posted.  In addition, since my posting to this
> newsgroup, rxvt users with the same problem have been contacting me
> privately asking me if I found a solution yet.  Perhaps a few more details
> will help isolate the problem.
> Regarding your use of C-o, emacs, and rxvt, did you also include a telnet
> session?  Here is the sequence we are using to cause the problem.
> - Starting from Win XP
> - cygwin
> - rxvt
> - unset DISPLAY
> - telnet linux-system
> - emacs foo
> - C-o
> The rxvt session is now hung, and I don't know how to un-hang it except to
> kill the rxvt session.  Thanks in advance for a solution.

I don't have a full solution, but I can add a few more details and provide a
The problem has nothing to do with linux or emacs. I can see the same effect
by telneting to another cygwin box (even localhost if inetd is running),
then typing ^O at the bash prompt.

If you type stty -a in your rxvt shell you will see that ^O is the flush
character. And if you read the telnet manual, it explains that the flush
character is captured locally and sent to the remote side as a telnet
control sequence. The local client then disables input until the remote end
acknowledges; and I assume this acknowledgment is not forthcoming.

You can undefine the flush character by typing:
stty flush ^-
before you start telnet. You can add this line to /etc/profile or
or ~/.bash_profile so that it is always set in every session.

I cannot explain why rxvt should fail to respond to ^] in this state whereas
the cygwin console does. Can any terminal experts help here?


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