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Wish8.3 from gdb-20020411-1 again (status update)

A few days ago I reported about problems with wish8.3 in gdb-20020409-1.
I got a patch from Keith Seitz which made it not crash.
In fact when running from a Cygwin bash shell in a DOS window it works fine.

I only realised yesterday that the gdb test version has been updated from
gdb-20020409-1 to gdb-20020411-1 on the cygwin mirror sites. It seems that
gdb-20020411-1 has Keith's patches applied to it, although these are not
reflected (yet?) in the CVS repository on

When rebuilding from the gdb-20020411-1-src.tar.bz2 file I noticed a few 

- In tcl/win configure is trying to build a file called tcl.hpj, but does not
  succeed because does not exist in tcl/win. tcl.hpj is needed
  for building a windows helpfile and is in tcl/tools not tcl/win.
  I guess for cygwin tcl.hpj can be removed from AC_OUTPUT in tcl/win/

- When installing the libraries in tcl it wants to install http2.3 which does
  not exist. Only http2.0 is there. With the tcl 8.3.2 import this was missed
  somehow. I do not know enough about tcl library packages to know if you
  need all versions installed (http2.0, http2.1, http 2.2, etc.).

- Under tcl/cygwin a libtcl_cygwin.a is build, but nothing is done with it.
  What is its purpose ?

Part of my original problems with wish8.3 originated from running wish83 in a rxvt
bash shell. Somehow the detection of existing standard windows handels gets
messed up under rxvt with the result that no console window pops up, but only the
tk root window. After typing 'console show' in the rxvt window the Tk-console
window appears. Now stdin is connected to the Tk-console window and
stdout and stderr to the rxvt window: you type a command in the Tk-console
window, the response (or errormessage) and the next prompt appear in the
rxvt window.

I can force the Tk-consolewindow to always appear by patching TkMain.c
(force tdsPtr->tty to 1) and TkConsole.c (force ShoulUseConsoleChaneel()
to return 1) under cygwin, but I do not know if that is the right thing to do.

One other funny thing I noticed. When I run autoconf myself I do not get
the 'cyg' prefix on the dll's and libraries but 'rh'. For cygwin I believe
the prefix should remain 'cyg'. Guess that is an autotool problem.

Ton van Overbeek

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