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Re: GNU/Windows

hello cgf,

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 15, 2002 at 08:22:19PM +0900, J. Grant wrote:
>>The idea was from a conversation I had with some co-workers, not
>>entirely seriously but thank you for your reply setting the facts
> So, sending this email RMS was a joke, then?  Are you guys personal
> friends who enjoy a good laugh?  Or did you just forge the header?

I don't forge headers, and "not entirely seriously" != "just for a 
laugh".  If GNU tools are installed on a Microsoft Windows machine why 
should they not get credit? why should Cygnus not get credit either? It 
was mearly a sugestion, you seem to have taken it out of context.

>>Windows has been established as a reasonable generic word IMO, with the
>>Lindows case this was hinted at reciently.
> You're aware of what the term "arguably" means, right?

Well this email seems to be degenerating now, but "Windows" can mean 
more than a MS OS as that is the most common meaning, X Windows is one.

I agree with what Chis Tooley said in his email though, he seems to have 
recieved a copy of the email as well, or did you just forge the header?


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