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Re: Porting stuff to Cygwin

At 04:35 AM 4/15/2002, Milton Calnek wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm looking for pointers...  I'd like to port a software package to 
>cygwin.  I've looked and it seems that it has not been done in the
>current versions.  From what I've read, it looks like someone did/tried 
>it a few years ago... I didn't read about any success stories.
>So... the package does not come with but it has been designed
>to compile on several flavours of unix.


>Is there one flavour that is closer to cygwin than the others? Linux?

Cygwin follows SUS first, then Linux.

>Is there some documentation that I can read or is it all just hacking?

There's Cygwin documentation if you like at  You can look 
at the user's and API guide.  But no, there's no porting guide.

>I did get something to compile, but it didn't try to listen on it's port.
>I haven't tried compiling it in debug mode and running from gdb yet.

Yep, that's the next step.

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