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Re: Compliance with the GPL (cygwin)

Herbert Valerio Riedel wrote:

>>Note that it's very easy for each of these projects to comply with 
>>cygwin's license (the GPL): just
>>   1) make their own source available (true already, for most of them)
>>   2) put a tarball of the (appropriate) cygwin DLL source code on
>>      their ftp site with their other downloads,
>>   3) ditto for other cygwin-linked libraries (zlib, libxml, libjpeg)
>>      if applicable

Yep, I saw that VCDImager was already GPL compliant, with the exception 
of the zlib and libxml libraries.  But, this all snowballed when I was 
taking a look at VCDEasy -- which led to VCDImager, cdrdao, mjpegtools, 

> will follow as soon as I get time to

Understood.  I've done some analysis on the dlls (to determine exact 
versions) and put the source here, to make your job easier

I don't have the src for the specific version of libxml2 that you are 
using; if you got the DLL from the cygwin dist, it must be v 2.4.12-1 
(which is no longer available from the cygwin site) since the signature 
of your cygxml2-2.dll doesn't match either of cygwin's current xml dlls: 
2.4.13-1 and 2.4.17-1.

I'm trying to track down the official cygwin libxml2 packages for v 
2.4.12 from the cygwin libxml maintainer (Robert Collins), and if the 
signatures there match your DLL, then I'll put that source up too.

If they don't match, then I guess you built libxml yourself; you'll have 
to handle the src issue (and delphi.stuff will need to get those sources 
from you, once you've posted them, since he is redistributing your 
windows (cygwin) port).

In any case, if you use the -src packages I collected at the above site, 
you'll need to copy them and put them on your site; mine will go away in 
about a week.

>>   4) mention the availability of the source code for libraries
>>      used to create their windows port somewhere on their
>>      webpage (not strictly necessary, but what's the point of
>>      1 -- 3 if you don't advertise it?)

Again, I knew that vcdimager did this; the others didn't AFAICT.

>>   5) A plug for the cygwin project itself (
>>      would be nice, but definitely not necessary for license compliance.

As above -- but no big deal, this isn't necessary.

> btw, I do this just for the unstable series; as soon as the official
> stable series come out, they'll lack the .dll's

? Do you link the libs statically?  If so, you still need to supply src 
for the libs, since they are linked against cygwin1.dll they inherit the 
GPLness as well as your own code (although I think libxml is already 
gpl, as is vcdimager.  zlib has its own license, but cygwin's GPL still 
applies to the zlib source...)

> btw2: libxml2 was provided in source, I just happen to have deleted it
> by accident

No probs.

> ps: just wondering, which personal interest do you have, that others
> (we) comply to the terms? -- plz don't see this question as personal
> attack or something alike.

Well, what Robert said, plus: I'm the cgywin maintainer for zlib and 
jpeg (which VCDEasy includes in its dist of mjpegtools).  And, as a 
major contributor to the cygwin project, I feel a certain responsibility 
when I see cygwin1.dll as well.

I'm glad (nay, overjoyed) to see people using cygwin and cygwin-ports; I 
just want folks to use them legally. :-)


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