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Re: Compliance with the GPL (cygwin)

On Sat, 2002-04-13 at 10:58, delphi.stuff wrote:
> I bought some components so I do not have the rights to publish them. So 
> now, based on the fact that I will not publish the source, what should I do 
> ?
you have no obligation at all to publish your source to vcdeasy, since
you don't link to any GPL'ed code.

> Stop my VCDEasy freeware development ? Or does advertise for cygwin 
> directly on my application can be enough ? Something else ? Distribute the 
> Win32 gui only and tell the user to download everything else themselves... 
well, either provide the source code yourself;

or maybe easier for you, but a bit more work for your users:

distribute the self contained win32 gui alone in a zip file
and point the users to the cdrdao and vcdimager binary packages

maybe you can do this by some installer? this would also make it harder
for people to sell your application, if this really annoys you..
this installer would download the required zip files by http/ftp and
unzip them in the correct destination, maybe moving around a bit the

just an idea...

> Note that the situation is worse as I identified at least two commercial 
> packages that sell my application (including VCDImager and CDRDAO) without 
> any rights... They are making money...
do you mind give more information about them? I'd like to check whether
they include source code (offers) for GPL'ed code... ;-)

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