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RCS 5.7 and 5.7-2: Patch for potential solution to CR/LF problems


I created patches for RCS to take care of its CR/LF problems.  I have placed
them here,, since I could not tell if
attachments to this list are accepted.

The patch-rcs-5.7-for-cygwin.diff patch is for the RCS source from the
official RCS home page for RCS version 5.7. The
patch-rcs-5.7-2-for-cygwin.diff patch is for the RCS source from Cygwin for
RCS version 5.7-2.

Here are the changes I made:

1. When RCS needs to add $Log...$ lines to the source, it now scans to the
end of the $Log...$ line to see how it is terminated.  If it sees a
carriage-return/line-feed pair, it terminates the lines it adds with
carriage-return/line-feed.  This allows RCS to follow the individual file's
own end-of-line convention, irrespective of the underlying operating system
or in Cygwin's case the type of the mount.

2. When RCS is redirecting to a file, it now forces binary mode if the
operating system supports it (i.e. Cygwin).  This allows rcsdiff to
correctly report differences on text-mounted directories, instead of
reporting that every line has changed.

3. Small changes to and rcslex.c that allowed me to configure and

I have my own small tests that I run to make sure RCS is working.  Also, I
use RCS every day, but this latest change is new so I haven't used it much.
If others choose to use these patches, I hope they will test the resulting
RCS programs thoroughly before using them!

Any feedback is welcome.

And, thank goodness for Cygwin!


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