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Re: Bash shell extension ?

Well, I don't use Network Neighborhood, so this problem doesn't affect me much
.. However, I have been helping friends set up this extension as well, and I'm
sure they'd like for this problem to be addressed .. If someone manages to
write an executable that handles all possible cases, please let me know so I
can send it around to the people that need/want it .. :)
Thanks again for all your help

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On 4/12/2002 at 10:36 PM Sam Edge wrote:

>"Adam" <> wrote;
>> Ah-hah! This reg file works perfectly! Thanks Sam!
>LOL. Glad I could help. Unfortunately there are still problems.
>First off, you don't get the menu item for network shares in the Network
>Neighbourhood so you can't get a bash prompt in the root of a share.
>Secondly, although you do get the prompt for folders within shares, the
>command doesn't select the correct directory because bash is reducing the
>'\\' at the front of the UNC path passed by Windows in the substitution
>for %1 to a single backslash even when enclosed in single quotes.
>It might be time to think of a little utility that takes a Windows path as
>its first argument without converting any shell escapes in it, converts
>that to UNIX  la cygpath, chdirs to this and then execs its second
>argument with subsequent ones as the rest of the argv.
>Sam Edge
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