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Re: Bash shell extension ?

Ah-hah! This reg file works perfectly! Thanks Sam!

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On 4/12/2002 at 10:02 PM Sam Edge wrote:

>"Adam" <> wrote;
>> [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\Bash\command]
>> @="bash.exe -c 'cd \"%1\"; exec /bin/bash.exe'"
>As I said, if you use double-quotes around the %1 then it won't work for
>Drive because the trailing backslash will escape the closing quote. You
>may also get other problems with Windows backslashes as well.
>> Using this it works fine, with the exception of grossly truncating the
>> folder names .. If this could be fixed, I would be very happy .. :)
>> -Adam
>> P.S. The changes that I made as per your suggestion, I did through the
>> directly (not via a .reg file) .. If this possible caused some problems,
>let me
>> know .. Perhaps you could copy & paste the exact key that is in your
>> to the mailing list?
>The text I included was copied straight from a .REG file and could be
>copied straight back in as long as the file has MS-DOS line endings and
>includes the REGEDIT4 header line. (When entering such a thing directly in
>regedit you have to remember not to include all the escape characters.)
>Anyway, a copy is available at
> for download.
>Once you've got it, open it in Notepad to make sure it's come across with
>CRLF line endings. I've tried this on 9x and NT series OSes and it works
>for both for both directories and drives.
>Chris January's idea about creating a batch file and starting bash from
>this - possibly using cygpath to massage the passed pathname - would
>certainly make the line in the registry simpler but results in an extra
>CMD.EXE (or COMMAND.COM) process loading into memory and waiting around
>until the bash prompt exits.
>Sam Edge

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