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Re: Bash shell extension ?

"Adam" <> wrote;

> [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\Bash\command]
> @="bash.exe -c 'cd \"%1\"; exec /bin/bash.exe'"

As I said, if you use double-quotes around the %1 then it won't work for Drive because the trailing backslash will escape the closing quote. You may also get other problems with Windows backslashes as well.

> Using this it works fine, with the exception of grossly truncating the long
> folder names .. If this could be fixed, I would be very happy .. :)
> -Adam
> P.S. The changes that I made as per your suggestion, I did through the registry
> directly (not via a .reg file) .. If this possible caused some problems, let me
> know .. Perhaps you could copy & paste the exact key that is in your registry
> to the mailing list?

The text I included was copied straight from a .REG file and could be copied straight back in as long as the file has MS-DOS line endings and includes the REGEDIT4 header line. (When entering such a thing directly in regedit you have to remember not to include all the escape characters.)

Anyway, a copy is available at for download. Once you've got it, open it in Notepad to make sure it's come across with CRLF line endings. I've tried this on 9x and NT series OSes and it works for both for both directories and drives.

Chris January's idea about creating a batch file and starting bash from this - possibly using cygpath to massage the passed pathname - would certainly make the line in the registry simpler but results in an extra CMD.EXE (or COMMAND.COM) process loading into memory and waiting around until the bash prompt exits.

Sam Edge

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