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Problems installing cygwin-XFree86 on a Dell WIN2K box


	This is a (hopefully more illuminating) follow-up to a post from yesterday. 
I am midstroke in installing cygwin-XFree86 on a Dell Win2000 box. As of 
yesterday, I had followed the directions on the webpage detailing the 
installation process verbatim. This meant that I had a limited cygwin install 
(no vi, no grep, etc.). I have installed more of the tools as of this A.M. 
and am able to provide more info on my status as of now. I attach the output 
of "cygcheck -s -r -v" to describe my install as of now. I also looked 
through the script to try to assess why it was stopping. It 
appears to need a program called extract, which I think is part of the 
XFree86 download. The script also contains comments about linking extract to 
gnu-tar. I did an "ls -l" on my bin directory, which contains the extract 
executable as well as the tar executable, & observed that they are different 
(different sizes & date stamps). I want the XFree86 to be able to use rxvt as 
a shell to begin with, but we will be possibly wanting to do more later. I am 
still stuck in the XFree86 install with error messages from the 
script complaining about the extract program being bad. Thanks in advance for 
your time. I will be happy to provide any more info if needed.
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