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Re: Bug: Wrong text file type from CVS under Perl?

Hallo Peter,

Am 2002-04-10 um 14:55 schriebst du:

> I have set Default Text File Type to UNIX.
> This works fine if I check out a cvs repository (via ssh to a UNIX machine,
> i.e. CVS_RSH is "ssh") directly from the bash shell:

Yep, me too:
$ set | grep CVS_RSH

> bash$ cvs get -d me@someunix:/path/to/repository foobar

> However, if I do this in some perl script, using system(), all files checked
> out ends up with a (windows-style) ^M at the end of each line:

> bash$ perl 'system "cvs get -d me\@someunix:/path/to/repository foobar';"

perl -e 'system "cvs -d:pserver:me\@someunix:/path/to/repository foobar checkout";'

which is the correct syntax works for me, sorry, cannot reproduce it.
I guess if you checkout the files with dos lineendings someone has
checked them in with dos lineendings.

> I don't know if this is a known bug?

No bug for me.

> Output from cygcheck is below.


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