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Re: SSH -R problem

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 11:48:56PM -0400, Steve Chew wrote:
>> 	Everything works OK at first but after enough sessions are made
>> across the SSH tunnel, I can no longer open sockets and other network
>> programs on the Cygwin system (such as IE) fail.  If I create enough 
>> sessions the entire system can hang.
>> [...]
>> 	One symptom of the problem is that after each session
>> I end up with an extra socket in the LISTEN state on the Cygwin box
>> (use netstat -an to check the socket states).  I don't know why there
>> would even be any sockets in the LISTEN state on the Cygwin box since
>> the ssh client shouldn't have to do a listen.
>I can reproduce it on XP.  An strace output shows nothing strange.
>Especially listen() is never called (otherwise it would show up in
>strace).  I must assume that this is one of several annoying problems
>in Winsock.  I've no idea why a socket is going into LISTEN state
>under these circumstances.

	Thank you for the swift response!  Are you saying that the 
problem is the the Windows 98 Winsock code?  Lovely...  How would you
suggest narrowing down the problem?
	While I'm at it do you have any suggestions for a work-around?
I've been considering ways of stopping and starting the SSH tunnel,
but I'd rather not.  I haven't yet looked into whether I can avoid the
problem by using 'ssh -L' and changing the remote side to listen for an
initial connection.  That model doesn't work as well for what I want to
do unfortunately.

			Also baffled,


Steve Chew - -
"Bother" said Pooh.  "Eeyore, load two photon torpedoes and
 lock phasers on the Heffalump.  Piglet, meet me in transporter
 room two."

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