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Re: SSH -R problem

On Tue, Apr 09, 2002 at 11:48:56PM -0400, Steve Chew wrote:
> 	Everything works OK at first but after enough sessions are made
> across the SSH tunnel, I can no longer open sockets and other network
> programs on the Cygwin system (such as IE) fail.  If I create enough 
> sessions the entire system can hang.
> [...]
> 	One symptom of the problem is that after each session
> I end up with an extra socket in the LISTEN state on the Cygwin box
> (use netstat -an to check the socket states).  I don't know why there
> would even be any sockets in the LISTEN state on the Cygwin box since
> the ssh client shouldn't have to do a listen.

I can reproduce it on XP.  An strace output shows nothing strange.
Especially listen() is never called (otherwise it would show up in
strace).  I must assume that this is one of several annoying problems
in Winsock.  I've no idea why a socket is going into LISTEN state
under these circumstances.


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