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Re: Install woes on W2K

I'm not positive, but I know the dialog box you are referring to, and
a -second- dialog box should pop up above that one giving you the choices of
packages to install. It's possible that you are having problems getting data
from the mirror of your choice, and the installer is not explaining this

Joe Drago

"Ross Burton" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> We are trying to install Cygwin on our new Windows 2000 Pro box (after
> getting mightily annoyed with Win98).  However, we cannot install it.
> We login as Administrator, and run setup.exe (version,
> selecting "Install from Internet". Before the package selection page the
> install routine hangs on a blank page showing "This page is left
> intentionally blank".  Is this a known bug? Any workarounds?
> Regards,
> Ross Burton
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