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Re: ip.h & tcp.h

On Mon, Apr 08, 2002 at 05:14:27PM +0800, Wu Yongwei wrote:
>>You should just adapt whatever you need from the Single UNIX
>Sorry but SUSv2 says nothing about the struct definitions.  Or at least
>I cannot get any meaningful search results.

Ok.  In that case we'll have to make do with the Berkeley code.  Just
include the license info in your patch.

>>I'll leave it to the collective wisdom of this mailing list to help you
>>on your painful road of enlightenment with regard to submitting a
>>patch.  Your last effort was a good first try but you still have a ways
>>to go.
>I know what a patch is.  But I would like to ask, plan, and do.  It is
>really painful to learn to first do and then ask.

I guess it depends on where you want to place the pain.  If you'd
submitted a patch and mentioned that you'd searched the SUSv2 without
finding anything, the patch probably would have gone in already.  You
have mentioned several times that you've incorporated some changes in
your local tree so the act of doing a 'cvs diff -up' should not cause
too much pain.  That just leaves writing a Changelog which you'd have to
do regardless.

You could have sent email to cygwin-patches with the patch and the
ChangeLog and your change would have been in by now, after (from
experience) two or three mail messages telling you that your ChangeLog
was incorrect.

What I'm trying to do is cut down on 27 messages saying

"Why doesn't cygwin have this functionality???"

"It seems to me that this should work!!!"

"Did I mention that it works for me???"

when all that is required is a patch and a ChangeLog.


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