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Re: New inputs for the init_cygheap::etc_changed problem

"Lassi A. Tuura" a écrit :
> > More interesting: if I give to mount a "cygdrive" path
> > (like "mount /cygdrive/t/cygwin/1.3/etc /etc"), the message disappears.
> > Unfortunately /etc is no longer available after that ("ls /etc" results in
> > "No such file or directory").
> The first argument to cygwin mount is supposed to be a windows native
> path, not a POSIX path.  Hence it is quite expected for this form not to
> work.

I know this is not correct but I think it was interesting to mention
it because in this case the etc_changed function is no longer complaining.
So I believe it found something to open, likely the expected /etc directory.

And according to me, it means that during init_cygheap, the mount table 
is half available. If someone knowledgeable want to dig that way, I am
ready to try further tests.

BTW, the interest (for me) in removing this error is that it hangs the 
ediff function of emacs (at least) because there is an error.

 Michel D'HOOGE

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