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Re: cygwin-man

On Fri, Apr 05, 2002 at 07:40:27PM -0800, Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:
>After looking at this, I think two "intro" pages would be best. Here is
>my RFC for intro.3:
>INTRO(3)                      Cygwin                     INTRO(3)
>       intro - Introduction to the Cygwin API
>       Cygwin  is  a  UNIX environment, developed by Red Hat, for
>       Windows.  It consists of two parts:
>       A DLL (cygwin1.dll) which acts as a UNIX  emulation  layer
>       providing  substantial  UNIX  API functionality. This page
>       describes the API provided by the DLL.
>       A collection of tools, ported  from  UNIX,  which  provide
>       UNIX/Linux  look  and feel.  This environment is described
>       in the intro(1) man page.
>       Cygwin is developed by volunteers collaborating  over  the
>       Internet.   It   is   distributed   through   the  website
> The website has extensive  documen- .
>       tation, inlcuding FAQ, User's Guide, and API Reference. It
>       should be considered the authoritative source of  informa-
>       tion.  The source code, relased under the GNU General Pub-
>       lic Licence, Version 2, is also availalbe from the website
            (just for consistency)
>       or one of the mirrors.
>       Cygwin  policy  is  to  attempt  to  adhere to POSIX/SUSv2
>       (Portable Operating System Interface for UNIX / The Single
>       UNIX Specification, Version 2) where possible. Where these
>       standards are ambiguous, Cygwin tries to mimic Linux.
>       SUSv2 is available online at:
>       For compatibility information  about  specific  functions,
>       see the API Reference at:
>       Cygwin  is in many ways hindered by the underlying differ-
>       ences between UNIX and Win32 (for example, a case-insensi-
>       tive file system), so complete compatibility will probably
>       never be acheived.
        (I think a "However,..." is needed here just so the reader
        isn't discouraged)

>       Cygwin is Copyright (C)  1995,  1996,  1997,  1998,  1999,
>       2000, 2001, 2002 Red Hat, Inc.

Please just refer to the cygwin web site for complete licensing info
for Cygwin since it modifies Section 10 of the GPL.

Other than that, it looks good.


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