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Re: Which OS Type

uname -s

If it is a Windows box and that command works :) it would have the
string "cygwin".  Most linux dists say Linux.  You can use -a instead of
-s to get all of the data from the uname.  

Experimentation with that command would give you the most benefit.

On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, Gupta, Sanjay wrote:

> Is there any command to find out which Operating System I am using.
> Basically, I need to know whether the OS is Windows type or Unix Type. The
> Unix type could be any Unix e.g. Sun , HP etc , Linux etc.
> I am writing a shell script and if the shell script is run under windows
> environment using cygwin, then I have to take care of some file naming
> conventions for oracle sqlplus command under windows
> and if the script run under unix then I have use filenames, path names 
> for sqlplus command in unix.
> I know uname command, but is there any other command which can be more
> useful in my case.
> example :-
> sqlplus command in windows using cygwin.
> sqlplus scott/tiger
> @c:\mydir\test.sql
> the samething in unix
> sqlplus scott/tiger
> @/usr/mydir/test.sql
> Thanks
> Sanjay
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