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Re: printf and cout is not working after loaded the cygwin DLL

At 04:29 AM 4/3/2002, Suhanthan Vanniyasingam wrote:
>I have tried to use a DLL which is created using Cygwin by a VC++ console
>application. But after loaded that DLL the usual cout and printf console
>outputs are not coming to the current screen. That means, when I tried to
>use a printf ("test\n"); the command is executed. But the output message
>"test" is not appearing in the screen.
>But when I put a printf in side the DLL function, that out put is displayed
>correctly. But I cannot print any messages from my main function to that
>screen after loading the DLL which was created by cygwin.
>Any comments?

Is 'tty' in your Cygwin environment variable?  If so, see  You may need to unset
it to get this to work for you (don't forget to unload the DLL after removing

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