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Re: ncftp current release won't run - missing CYGREADLINE5.DLL

On Wed, Apr 03, 2002 at 07:48:29AM -0800, Gord Wait wrote:
>Sorry Robert,
>I lost the last word on the subject line when I posted the email you
>It turns out, no you can't just re run setup.exe on an already
>installed cygwin and expect it to work.  It might delete a dll or two
>for you due to an install bug.

That is just not true.  Please don't spread misinformation.

1) The reasons for dlls to be deleted have been explained in countless email
   messages.  It isn't a random event.  setup.exe doesn't delete a dll every
   time it is run.  It is ludicrous to assert this.

2) Robert has indicated that the situation which caused deletion of a DLL
   has been eliminated.

Larry has already provided the needed information in this very thread.
He obviously understands whats going on here.  You don't.

Since you aren't really clear on what's happening, you probably shouldn't be
offering advice.


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