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v1.3.10 - must run bash twice to read .bashrc

I have looked all through the list archives and on google groups, but this 
problem does not seem to be listed.

I am running Windows 2000, logging in to an NT domain (not sure if any of 
this matters).  When I run the Cygwin shortcut, it logs in OK, but does not 
run the .bashrc (I have a few aliases, that's how I can tell).  I need to 
run "bash" again to get it to load .bashrc.

Then, when I log out, I need to logout twice, to get rid of both shells.

BTW, the $HOME is /home/Administrator, not /home/myloginname, which does 
not seem to be an issue, as this is the way is was on other 
machines.  Additionally, when I do run the "bash" command the second time, 
the $HOME is still the same.

I have run/am running Cygwin on NT4, and W98 machines, none of which have 
had this problem.

The /etc/shells file:

The cygwin.bat file:
@echo off

chdir \cygwin\bin #note: I have also tried this with c:\cygwin\bin
bash --login -i

Richard Brust
IT Manager
Technology Business Research
Hampton, NH. USA

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