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Re: trouble using scanf on double arguments under Windows2000

Hi Dr. Sonnenschein and the Cygwin newsgroup,

I have had the same problem using cygwin and gcc, I
believe I am using the latest version of gcc.  I
thought I was doing something wrong in my program, but
I took the same program into Linux, Visual C++ and
HPUX 10.20 and they ran exactly the way they are
supposed to run with the correct results.  My program
was using input from the user instead of from a file,
but my results were exactly the same as the output
from your sample program.  I finally gave up on Cygwin
and gcc and write my programs on a couple of old HP-UX
10.20 workstations with the latest gcc and have no

I like Cygwin and will continue to support it and
would like to continue playing with it and writing
programs under Cygwin.  I do not want to blame gcc or
Cygwin because I like them, but I want to know what is
causing this behavior as well and is there a

Thank you and have a nice day!

James E. Merritt

--- "Sonnenschein, Roland Dr." <> wrote:
> scanf() does not always work the way I think it
> should.
> Sample program:
> #include <stdio.h>
> int main()
> {
>   double dstat, ddyn;
>   dstat=2.;
>   scanf("%lf", &ddyn);
>   printf("%lf %lf\n", dstat, ddyn);
>   return 0;
> }
> usage:
> hugo < >hugo.out
> Sample input file
> 20.1
> Output file hugo.out:
> 2.000000 201.000000
> compilation:
> make hugo
> gcc -v yields:
> Reading specs from
> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-cygwin/2.95.3-4/specs
> gcc version 2.95.3-4 (cygwin special)
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