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RE: Fltk + opengl + glu

> From: Piyush Kumar []
> Subject: Fltk + opengl + glu 
> I could compile FLTK on cygwin, but am now
> not able to get opengl/glu test programs supplied
> with it to work. They say : 
> "The demo doesnt work without GL and GLU" 
> <For example glpuzzle> 
> Anyone has seen this before? I'm using 
> fltk-1.0.11
 This is because the file "config.h" (from "makefiles/config.cygwin") has a
  #define HAVE_GL 0
 which means opengl is not supported in this release.

 The fltk-1.1 beta releases have abandoned config.cygwin altogether and now
use configure for the cygwin build  (they still use and
OpenGL is properly detected.  However, I was not able to get this to work.
It may be because I've got the XFree headers. I'll try again when I have
more time.
 I was not able to get fltk-1.0.11 to compile by change HAVE_GL to 1,
 I have no reason to think any of these problems have anything to do with
cygwin. You should probably take this back to the FLTK list. (I realize it
was a whole two hours since you posted there. Sometimes things move slowly,
even on the internet!)

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