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RE: No home directory on fresh setup

Not sure if this has already been answered... so if it has - sorry. There was a bug in mkpasswd in win9x that has been corrected now, so try updating to newer packages and it should work correctly.


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> From: Vorst, Jan van der [] 
> Sent: Friday, February 22, 2002 12:51 AM
> To: ''
> Subject: No home directory on fresh setup
> A fresh installation of the latest cygwin results in no home 
> directory. One enters in /usr/bin/<user>. 
> I editted passwd to point to it /home/<user> and created the 
> /home/<user> directory manually. This resulted in a correct login. 
> Then CVS however didn't work well anymore in that the 
> administration database was not updated in case of a modules checkin.
> I downloaded the previous cygwin version and made a fresh 
> installation of this one. It had none of the above problems. 
> After updating this one to the latest version (so no fresh 
> installation) the problems did not reappear. 
> So it seems to me there is a problem with the fresh latest 
> installation procedure.
> The problem is reproducable on my machine.
> I cleaned the registry before each fresh installation (setup).
> The following report  <<Mattias Brändström - home directory 
> problems.url>> seems to be the same.
> included are:
> 1. cygchecklatest: fresh installation of latest cygwin
> 2. cygcheckprev: fresh installation of previous cygwin
> 3. cygcheckprev2latest: previous to latest
>  <<sygcheckprev>>  <<cygcheckprev2latest>>  <<cygchecklatest>> 
> regards, Jan van der Vorst
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