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Re: Path Name Help

At 03:34 PM 2/28/2002, Sanjay Gupta wrote:
>OS : Win NT 4.0 SP 6a
>I am writing shell script which does Oracle Export. In the script, I have to
>give the name of export file, I am not sure how to include the path
>Example :-
>exp system/manager file=/usr/exp.dmp  full=Y
>see the file= parameter, when I use the above command then the Oracle exp
>utility is not able to recognize the file information, it gives error
>"failed to open /usr/exp.dmp for write"
>So looks like unix style path does not work.
>Then I tried window style path
>exp system/manager file=d:\Oracle8i\Exp\Exp.dmp  full=Y
>This works but it does not create file in d:\Oracle8i\Exp directory but in
>creates file in D root directory i.e. in D:\ with name  oracle8iexpexp.dmp.
>So this also does not create file in appropiate directory.

Sounds like a problem that you should be asking Oracle about, or am I 
missing why this is a Cygwin issue?

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