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login problems and RSA authentication


i am running win2k and cygwin but am haveing problems getting password 
authentication to work. it just doenst want to take the passwords for 
anyuser though i know i have them right. i know this info is a bit vague, 
but i dont really know what else to say since i have a basically basically 
out of the box setup as far as my users and passwords are concerned with bot 
win2k and cygwin. a relavant entry in my /etc/passwd file for user patrick 
looks like this:
what i would really like actually would be to be able to have access to the 
box through ssh by different users useing RSA authentication. i have read 
though that this doesnt work (however the post was almost a year n half 
old). does any one know if this is possible now or if there are any hacks 
with the same effect. (haveing one password/identity for all computers on 
the network while maintaning security)

thanks all,
lucas smith

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