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Re: Enviroment always uppercased; Help me, please

On Thu, Feb 28, 2002 at 04:08:17PM +0100, Markus K. E. Kommant wrote:
>No, it doesn't
>When calling env.exe (compiled with cygwin1.dll), cygwin programs installed
>in c:/usr/bin
>starting cmd.exe:
>C:\>set garfield=1234
>C:\>c:\usr\bin\env.exe | c:\usr\bin\grep -i gar
>env.exe (the cygwin program) has uppercased the environment.
>(the set in the example was the set of cmd.exe, useally there is no set.exe
>in /usr/bin)
>The solution, to start a cygwin program "NOT" from another cygwin program is
>impossible on Windows. B. Gates won't rebuild Windows with useage of

sh -c "garfield=1234; export garfield; /usr/bin/env | /usr/bin/grep -i gar;cmd"

When cmd runs, you'll see garfield in lowercase.

>And it could make sense to uppercase *some* variables, which come from
>Windows programs, see MKS Toolkit, like PATH, instead of Path, and some
>more, but this is optional. Else the use of cygwin is very restricted. I
>solved this problem in a port of the pdksh very carefully... But all the
>work is trash, if startupcode will change the environment - without
>notification or option to stop it.

The horror!

>At the moment I am looking for a stable way (see thread Re: cygwin gcc DLLs
>loaded by Visual C++ crashing) to call the pdksh.exe as a pdksh1.dll.
>But the solution posted is not stable at the moment. After a while the
>programs will hang.
>But the environment is okay (startupcode of MSVC seems to be okay...).

So, are you actually running a debugger on things to see what's going on
or are you casting around in the dark tinkering and hoping that things
will work.

>At least. Using the original Environment in cygwin is impossible. (> As cfg
>said: "Don't start the program from a non cygwin program")
>The solution could be a user build cygwin1.dll without the Environment
>hack?!? Anybody?

Go right ahead.  Why are you asking someone else to do this for you?


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