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RE: CVS Problems: Updated: gdbm-1.8.0-4

Hi Charles,

>Note that merely updating cyggdbm to this new version will NOT
>magically enable CVS to host repositories on text mounts; nor will
>it magically fix CVS's existing problems with CR/LF. This gdbm
>update may fix the gdbm database files within the CVSROOT repository,
>but CVS itself is still not text/binary clean.  Workin' on it...

can you give me a hint, where CVS with a repository on a binary mount will
have CR/LF problems? I am using it since more than a year and I had never
detected any problems independently wether I check out to bin or text
mounted directories (on NTFS). I did not have problems also working with
repositories of the the net. for Your comment seems to indicate some
malfunction you're able to reproduce. I would not like to detect anything
major problems managing my sources if I can avoid it.


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