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Re: Cygintl-1 not found

[Matthew Smith, textutils maintainer, please read]

Fun!  Two practically identical messages posted within minutes of each 
other.  Goodie!  I get to reuse my reply text!  (BUT -- this message 
belongs on cygwin, not cygwin-developers.  Reply and Reply-To adjusted.)

By searching for 'cygintl-1.dll' on the following page:
I discover that the DLL is found in the following package:

libintl1/libintl1-0.10.40-1  (e.g. the 'libintl1' package)

Stangely enough, the setup.ini entry for grep(*) specifies that it 
depends on the 'libintl1' package.  I don't know why the package did not 
get installed on your machine automatically (did you use setup?), but 
the solution is to reinstall the 'libintl1' package.

(*) however, textutils (which contains 'cat') does NOT say that it 
depends on libintl1 -- this is a bug.  [Matthew Smith]

Note that 'libintl1' != 'libintl'.

For further strangeness, I know that I have answered this question 
before...let's search google:

Ah -- there are some relevant hits, #2 and #3...


Brian Keener wrote:

> I just updated my installed packages and also updated my winsup cvs and when I 
> went to do a make I kept getting error from grep and cat about they could not 
> find cygintl-1.dll
> Which package(s) am I missing or is this some other bug.  All the normal 
> packages show installed from setup but I was also working on the last file not 
> installing bug we had in setup (now fixed) so I may be missing a package and 
> don't realize it.
> Any help greatly appreciated - I did reinstall gettext and rolled back the grep 
> package from 2.5g which is where I thought I was getting it.

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