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cron, crontab question

I've setup cron on nt40 using cygwin 1.3.9.
Cron setup as a service no problem, using ntsec, made my passwd & group files.
I created the crontab while using the id that I wanted the process to 
inherit from.
Cron is scheduled to run a perl script every 10 minutes (and it does).
I checked the uid of the pid and it shows the correct uid.
I get a permissions error on opening and writing to a file.
This error does not occur when I run the script from a bash shell (also 
using ntsec).
no mapped drives.

What other things do I need to check.

if i wanted to test using the ntschedular on the same  perl script (perl 
that comes with the cygwin distribution), would i code it:
c:\bin\bash -c "perl c:\....." ?

another question. could I set that perl script to run as a service ? could 
I use cygrunsrv ?

Thanks for any and all help.

PS. when I look in the task manager why do I see cygrunsrv running in 
addition to cron ? am not running cygrunsrv in bash shell ?

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