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Re: Help to link a prog static with libcurl, libssl and libcrypto.

At 06:51 PM 2/26/2002, Alexander Lazic wrote:
>i want to compile the 'simple.c' staticly but i get many errors.
>I called gcc as follows:
>gcc -v -o simple simple.c `curl-config --cflags` \
>`curl-config --libs` -mno-cygwin -s -static > out.put 2>&1
>I have attached the out.put file.
>I have found the '-mno-cygwin' in the FAQ
>'' but not how i can solve these
>Problem :-(
>Thanx al lot of any Hints and tips (Url, Doc, Man, ...).

The CURL you're linking against is apparently expecting at least some 
POSIX APIs.  You won't be able to get this to link without some porting.
Perhaps CURL builds as a WIN32 version too, in which case you may be able
to switch over to that without too much pain.  Alternatively, you can 
try building this without the '-mno-cygwin' flag, although you'll link in
cygwin1.dll for sure then.  Really though, if you don't want or need any
POSIX functionality, you should just use the Mingw toolset (

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