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Re: setup

Brian, thanks for asking the pertinent questions, they have solved the
problem.  I did an Install from Internet the first time; the second, I chose
Download from Internet but didn't realize I had to run setup.exe again to
complete the install.  Once I did that it installed fine, put an icon on my
desktop, etc.

Also, sorry I missed the topic(s) in the archives.  I think what I did is
search for "cygwin.exe", which of course turned up nothing since cygwin.bat
would have been what I wanted.  I'll spend some time just browsing so I have
an idea of what's in there when future problems arise.


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From: "Brian Keener" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2002 9:21 AM
Subject: Re: setup

> Anthony J. Zepezauer wrote:
> > What I don't see is a .exe file to start Cygwin!
> >
> Try looking  for a cygwin.bat file in whatever directory you specified as
> root directory. I see your later post now - lets back up - what options
did you
> select when you ran setup - did you ask for Install from Internet,
> from Internet or Install from Local Directory.  If you selected Install
> Local Directory then you must have done a Download From Internet first.
> did you specify as the Root Directory and the local directory (one or both
> asked depending on what you selected for the install method).
> The answer to this will get us started and this has been asked and
> many times in Mail Archives.
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